Missing The Point

Attorney General Dana Nessel requested Catholic churches throughout Michigan to stop doing internal investigations into clergy sexual assaults. Nessel announced that the state will continue its inquires into sexual abuse claims against the Catholic church, which started under the previous attorney general’s tenure.

Nessel pleaded with witnesses to ask an investigator to “see their badge” rather than “their rosary.”

But rather than stay quiet, a Detroit archdiocese official decided to fire back at the AG. The Detroit Free Press:

“The rosary is a treasured devotion of the Catholic Church,” McGrath told the Free Press. “And it’s troubling to have it used as a punch line. Here’s hoping future statements show no additional disrespect.”

Really? The Church is taking umbrage with Nessel’s language? Doesn’t the Catholic Church have more on its plate at the moment?

Talk about missing the point.


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