Episode 55: Paid Family Leave w/ Danielle Atkinson of Mothering Justice

Here’s Episode 55 of Michigan’s Premier Progressive Podcast!

Paid Family and Medical Leave is one of the important policies Michigan Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer mentioned in her “What’s Next” speech last month. If Michigan’s Democratic majority in the legislature can pass State Sen. Erika Geiss’s paid family and medical leave bills, Michigan would join 11 other states which have already passed similar laws. Passing these bills would guarantee 15 weeks paid leave for ALL workers, and help guarantee that workers won’t have to choose caring for a loved one or having to work. And since the United States remains the only developed nation not to guarantee some form of paid family and medical leave, or paid sick leave, it’s up to the states to get something done.

Making paid family and medical leave a reality is a priority for the nonprofit organization Mothering Justice from Detroit. National Executive Director, and Founder, Danielle Atkinson, joins me to talk about why this legislation is of the utmost importance for Michigan’s marginalized citizens, and for all families. We also discuss the frustration with the recent jump in child poverty after Republicans, and a few Democrats in D.C., refused to expand the highly successful Child Tax Credit.

Danielle Atkinson of Mothering Justice. Photo Courtesy of Mothering Justice

And in my Last Call, I highlight how MAGA Republicans are pawns for the corporate class as they refuse to support the UAW strike against the Big Three Detroit Automakers.

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Mothering Justice

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Photo: “Michigan State Capitol” by the.laus is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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