Left of Lansing Podcast–Episode 40: Dr. Joshua Cowen on The Right Wing’s Attack on Public Schools Using Vouchers

Here’s the 40th episode!!!

In this week’s episode, I share some thoughts on WJR-AM’s “next generation” of talk show hosts, which kinda sounds a lot like the last generation. I also talk about how former Republican “Nerd” Governor, Mr. Flint Water Crisis, himself, Rick Snyder is back in the news, announcing that he’s helping Michigan Republicans take over the state legislature in 2024!

Then, Dr. Joshua Cowen, Professor of Education Policy at Michigan State University, joins me to talk about the right wing movement–or war–to eradicate public schools across the country. Dr. Cowen has spent nearly two decades researching school choice and voucher programs, and how vouchers don’t live up to the hype. I’ve included some of Dr. Cowen’s articles in the show notes at the bottom of the page.

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This week’s “Last Call” delves into how former Michigan Republican Congressman Fred Upton will back a candidate from the so-called “No Labels” party. But I show how “No Labels” is primarily concerned with aiding and abetting its corporate donors, but how it hurts average Americans on a daily basis.

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Show Notes:

How School Voucher Programs Hurt Students” by Dr. Joshua Cowen in Time.

Opinion: A school voucher plan in Michigan? Here’s what it should include” by Dr. Joshua Cowen in The Detroit Free Press

Oklahoma Republicans pave the way for the Supreme Court to end secular education” by Amanda Marcott in Salon

DeVos-funded campaign for school voucher-like plan withdraws petitions in a sign of defeat” by Kobe Levin and Tracie Mauriello in Chalkbeat Detroit

Workers for DeVos-backed scholarship initiative mislead Detroiters” by Kobe Levin in Chalkbeat Detroit

Salon investigates: The war on public schools is being fought from Hillsdale College” by Kathryn Joyce in Salon

Judge rejects attempt to divert public tax dollars to private education” by Jon King in Michigan Advance 

The Dark Money–Backed Front Group No Labels Is Buying Its Own Ballot Line” by Andrew Perez in Jacobin

Snyder to help Michigan House Republicans fundraise to win back majority” by Beth LeBlanc in The Detroit News

Steve Neavling from Metro Times tweet on WJR-AM “next generation” of talk show hosts

Rick Haglund, Michieconomist for Michigan Advance, and his tweet on WJR

WJR unveils ‘next generation’ of radio hosts: old white men” by Steve Neavling in Metro Times

“How Flint’s Water Crisis Happened, And Why It Isn’t Over” featuring author Anna Clark in WBUR

Left Of Lansing Podcast: Episode 23–Anna Clark, Author Of “The Poisoned City: Flint’s Water & The American Urban Tragedy”

Update: Enbridge Tunnel Bill Awaits Gov. Snyder’s Signature” by Susan Demas in Michigan Advance

Michigan Voters Prioritize Lowering Out-of-Pocket Health Costs According to New Research” by PRN Newswire

Handheld cellphone use banned for motorists in Michigan” by Associated Press

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