Episode 71: Interview w/ Susan Demas of Michigan Advance

Here’s episode 71 of Michigan’s premier progressive podcast!

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Susan Demas, Editor-in-Chief of Michigan Advance, joins Pat this week. Michigan Advance is a progressive, nonprofit news site dedicated to covering policy and politics across the state. Susan is a veteran of the Michigan political news scene, and we discuss how traditional, corporate-driven media are failing us, but how publications, like Michigan Advance, are filling the gaps where corporate media is (purposely) falling short. We also discuss the disaster that is the Michigan Republican Party, how Michigan Democrats can better message their major policy victories, and her take on whether or not President Biden’s poll numbers will improve by November in Michigan.

My opening segment covers some ideas I have on how Michigan Democrats can highlight their victories, which will help show voters how they not only compare and contrast with extreme Christian Nationalist Michigan Republican Party, but will also help show HOW these policies are helping hard-working Michiganders.

My “Last Call” talks about some good and bad news for President Biden’s numbers in Michigan, and why he and the Democratic Party cannot ignore the anger within the Arab-American community within the state when it comes to what’s happening overseas.

And I close by giving you some optimism after a tough loss for our Detroit Lions!

Take the battle to them!

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Whitmer: 700k Michigan households will get tax refund checks starting in February.” By Jon King of Michigan Advance

Susan J. Demas: Actually, it’s good to feed hungry kids.” By Susan Demas of Michigan Advance

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Watch Michigan Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s 2024 State of the State address

Video clip featuring Trump supporter talking about Trump flag-hugging (courtesy ACYN)

Photo courtesy of Michigan Advance

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