Republicans Have No Plans For Michigan Roads–And That’s The Point!

Sam Inglot from Progress Michigan is right-on with this take:

If Republicans don’t like Whitmer’s plan, what’s their idea? We need $2.5 billion to stop the bleeding as soon as possible and that’s just a harsh reality. Without a fix soon, our roads may reach a point of no return with the cost of repairs going even higher. We cannot allow that to happen. If Republicans want to sit on their hands, we need to hold them accountable and demand better. The question people across the state should be asking Republicans in the legislature is simple: Where’s the damn plan?

This is something I echoed earlier today on how Michigan’s extreme right-wing Republican legislature isn’t interested on fixing Michigan from its years of mismanagement.

Republicans are only interested in slowing down Governor Whitmer’s mojo, hoping it will lead voters to either tune-out or blame her and Democrats for not immediately fixing all of the Republican mistakes.

It’s a cynical strategy, but it’s one that’s worked before.

It’s up to Michigan’s progressives to break this cycle!


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