Left of Lansing Podcast: Episode 22–Pat Explains How Koch-Devos Have Failed Everyone

This week’s Left of Lansing Podcast has been posted!

I go solo this week, and I use David Koch’s death to describe how Koch-Devos policies have failed everyone!

The Koch Brothers and the Devos family have pressed for massive tax breaks for them and their ilk while hurting the rest of the country, and the world. For example, the GOP Tax Scam was billed as a boon for every American. But the opposite has happened, which shouldn’t surprise anyone!

As Cody Fenwick reported in Alternet and Salon, We learned this week that we overinflated the first half of this year’s employment …BIG TIME!

Cody reports: new data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics reveal, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act appears to have done even less on the “jobs” side of the equation than we previously thought.

This week the bureau announced that it has revised its estimates for the state of U.S. employment in 2018 downward by about 500,000 jobs. That doesn’t mean people had jobs and lost them — it just reflects the fact that statistical analysis usually involves a margin of error, and in this case the bureau overestimated the number of jobs added to the economy in the past year.

Americans are tired of these same, tired policies that are geared towards failure. In Michigan, we’ve witnessed how Koch/Devos-inspired policies have set the state back by decades.

Crumbling infrastructure, gutting of workers’ rights, a failed for-profit charter school system, environmental deregulation, war on women’s health, and attacks on LGBTQ equality are hallmarks of these extreme right wing policies that have hurt Michigan.

It’s time we progressives seek and fight for new alternatives. We’re starting to do just that as progressive Democrats won statewide races. Actually, women won statewide races, proving women are electable.

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