Left Of Lansing Podcast: Episode 5–Rick Haglund from Michigan Advance

Here’s Episode 5 of the Left of Lansing podcast!

This week, Rick Haglund joins us to talk Michigan economics. Rick is the business columnist for the fantastic Michigan Advance news site. I’m telling you, check it out. They do some awesome work over there.

I talk about how conservatism is no longer based on solid policy ideas. Today’s conservatism thrives on fear and anger, and that’s driving some of the right-wing terrorism that we witnessing, not just in our country, but throughout the world.

I also highlight how a pair of Michigan Democratic lawmakers introduced legislation designed to help people. Congresswoman Haley Stevens has a bill that puts more funding in STEM education research. And state Rep. Laurie Pohutsky is fighting to repeal a horrible anti-environmental law passed Lansing Republicans last year. Plus, a shout-out to Michigan AG Dana Nessel for working with the Congressional Oversight Committee on the Flint Water Crisis investigation!

And, since the start of baseball season is almost here, I give you my prediction for the 2019 Detroit Tigers!

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