Left of Lansing Ep. 60: Update on Michigan Climate Bills with NRDC’s Derrell Slaughter

It’s episode #60 of Michigan’s premier progressive podcast!

Michigan Democrats continue working on clean and affordable energy bills in the state legislature. They must get some of these bills passed before the November adjournment date, or else everything will get pushed back until next year. The main goals of these bills are to make Michigan caborn-free by 2035 or 2040, pushing for strong energy efficient standards to help low income areas, and to hold DTE and Consumers Energy more accountable. Derrell Slaughter, Michigan Advocate at the Natural Resources Defense Council returns to give an update on whether or not these bills will pass soon.

Derrell Slaughter, Michigan Advocate for the Natural Resources Defense Council. Photo courtesy of the NRDC.

I share a few observations on the new Republican Speaker of the U.S. House, Mike Johnson of Louisiana, and how he’s not Vulgar MAGA, but he’s Refined MAGA, as The Washington Post’s Greg Sargent called it. I describe how corporate media have been working against the UAW during its strike against the Big Three Detroit Automakers. And I discuss how Michigan Republicans have no solutions to revamp our aging energy grid. Meanwhile, Democrats, who hold the majority in the legislature, are working to pass meaningful clean energy standards.

Finally, in my Last Call, I push for Democrats to pass real transparency reform laws, which is what we Michiganders called for when two-thirds of us voted to pass Proposal 1 in 2022. Michigan has the worst record when it comes to government transparency and accountability. But the legislature appears to be trying its best to cut some corners, which is not what we voted for.

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Washington Post columnist Greg Sargent’s tweet on Mike Johnson becoming the new U.S. House Speaker

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Michigan Proposal 1 results via Ballotpedia

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Michigan Senate GOP tweet attacking Democrats’ clean energy bills

Photo: Pine River Dam in Alma, MI by Pat Johnston

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