Left of Lansing Podcast Episode #14: Pat Talks About Justin Amash & Impeachment; PFAS; Vaccinations; Harriet Tubman; And How Progressives Must Fight Against Trumpism

This is the first SOLO Left of Lansing Podcast with Pat Johnston, and it’s posted!

Once in awhile, I’ll reserve the microphone strictly for me because I’ve got lots on my mind when it comes to pushing the progressive fight in Michigan, and the nation.

On this week’s podcast, I begin by giving an exhortation on the importance to keep fighting when the machine is against you.

Because if we fight and vote, we can win, just as progressives did in 2018.

Then, I congratulate Michigan U.S. House representatives Rashida Tlaib and Justin Amash for sticking up for our Constitutional values, and demanding the House to hold impeachment hearings on President Trump.

Now, Democratic Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib has been pressing for hearings since Day One. Amash, the Tea Party Republican, came to his conclusion after reading the Mueller Report. Of course, since he’s opposing Trump, he’s facing a primary challenge.

I also share his slight cynicism on the Fiat Chrysler Automotive deal with the City of Detroit to make major investments that will supposedly create some 6k jobs. While that would be great news for Detroit, the deal was conducted not only behind closed doors, but it included major land swap deals for a pair of Detroit real estate moguls.

Other topics covered include the fight to hold corporations accountable for PFAS in our water (Good job Sean McBrearty, and the folks at Clean Water Michigan!).

Plus, I give a high-five to Michigan Democratic state Rep. Brian Elder from Bay City for proposing a bill that would require schools to inform parents if more than five-percent of the student body isn’t vaccinated!

And Attorney General Dana Nessel is joining in a lawsuit opposing a Trump Health & Human Services rule that allows medical professionals to refuse caring for people based on religious objections.

Finally, I take Trump Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin to task for delaying the Harriet Tubman $20 bill until 2028. I wonder why…

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