Left Of Lansing Podcast–Episode 34: State Rep. Dylan Wegela

It’s time for another episode of the Left Of Lansing Podcast!

This week, I discuss how young people showed-up at the polls in a big way in Michigan, which helped Democrats pull-off the trifecta in state government. But despite the Generation Z breaking for Democrats in the last few elections, Democrats must continue showing that they are helping keep that critical voting bloc on their side.

Then, State Representative Dylan Wegela joins me. He represents District 26, which comprises of Garden City, Inkster, Romulus and Westland. We discuss how his working class and teaching backgrounds helped develop his belief system in improving the lives of working families in Michigan. We also cover how he and his fellow Democrats reversed Right To Work For Less, his steadfast opposition to corporate welfare, and his ideas to keep young people involved in politics.

In the “Last Call,” I explain how Michigan Democrats continue helping Michiganders while Republicans continue to act… weird.

Hope you enjoy this week’s podcast. Show notes are at the bottom of the page.

Show Notes:

Michigan Had Highest Youth Voter Turnout In The Country. From the Center For Information and Research On Civic Learning And Engagement at Tufts University.

More on Michigan’s High Voter Turnout by Kate Holloway from WLNS. “Study: Michigan Had Highest Youth Voter Turnout In November 2022.”

Even more on Michigan High Voter Turnout by Kristi Tanner and Clara Hendrickson from The Detroit Free Press. “Michigan’s Youngest Voters Made Biggest Gains In Midterm Voter Turnout.

Exhausted’ In The Wake Of Mass Shootings, Democratic-led House Passes Red Flag Legislation.” Story by Anna Gustafson from Michigan Advance.

Former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Complains How Young Voters Aren’t Republicans. Media Matters.

Michigan GOP Infighting Leads To Actual Fight Between Karamo, DePerno Backders.” Story By Jonathan Oosting from Bridge Michigan Magazine.

Democratic State Senator Jeremy Moss tweets his support to end cohabitation ban.

Bill Repealing Antiquated Michigan Law Criminalizing Cohabitation Met With GOP Pushback.” Story By Laina G. Stebbins from Michigan Advance.

Michigan Senators Spar Over Unforced Penalty For Unmarried Couples Living Together.” Story By Craig Mauger from The Detroit News.

Podcast Music by Space Leopard.


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