Episode 49: Fighting To Close Line 5 w/ Sean McBrearty of Oil & Water Don’t Mix

It’s the 49th episode of Michigan’s premier progressive podcast!

I celebrate Ohio’s decision to hand the state Republican party a humiliating defeat at the polls this week, when voters rejected the GOP’s efforts to raise the threshold to pass a state referendum from 50-to-60%. Ohio Republicans were hoping to hurt the chances of enshrining abortion rights into Ohio’s constitution in November. But they failed miserably, and like Michigan Republicans, they will suffer again when voters back a woman’s right to choose. Yet, the legacy media didn’t seem to cover another huge victory for choice and democracy because it only wants to cover Trump, Trump, Trump, and more Trump.

I also highlight the big news Democratic State Senator Mallory McMorrow’s endorsement of Democratic Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin in her bid to win Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow’s seat, which opens-up in 2024.

Then, Sean McBrearty, who is the campaign director of the anti-Line 5 oil and natural gas pipeline group called Oil & Water Don’t Mix, joins the podcast to discuss the latest in the efforts to close down that old and dangerous pipeline located at the bottom of the Straits of Mackinac. Despite efforts by Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Democratic Attorney General Dana Nessel to shutdown Line 5, it’s still transporting oil and gas as Enbridge is fighting in the courts. That’s why Sean argues that President Biden use his power and intervene to close the pipeline.

Sean McBrearty. Photo courtesy of Clean Water Action Michigan

Sean is also the legislative director for Clean Water Action Michigan, which works to protect the health of Michigan’s waters.

My “Last Call” puts an exclamation mark on the importance of closing down Line 5, and how it’ll be up to progressives to get the job done to protect the future of our environment. And I celebrate how Gen Z voters are playing a key role in helping fight for environmental rights and justice. If we want to keep and attract younger people in Michigan, a clean water infrastructure is a good start!

And I bid farewell to a favorite Canadian musician of mine, and a longtime Detroit Tigers fan favorite.

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