Episode 61: UAW Win; Michigan Dems Strengthen Abortion Rights; Arab Americans Leaving Biden

Welcome to Episode 61 of Michigan’s Premier Progressive Politics!

This week, I breakdown how the right wing Republican Party has always worked on behalf of the elite class to eliminate government assistance for working Americans. They’ve done it by whittling-down the New Deal and Great Society programs through the years, and they’ve done it using racist tropes, like the mythic “welfare queen.”

But now, working Americans are fighting back thanks to the UAW’s victory against the Big Three Detroit Automakers. We’re also noticing positive results as other non-union carmakers are beginning to raise wages for their workers as they try to stave-off unionization attempts. Meanwhile, right wing Republicans were nowhere to be found during the UAW’s strike, but they are trying to gut IRS funding to help their tax cheating, rich donor base!

I also cover how Democrats are trying to strengthen abortion rights in Michigan, and how right wing Christian Fundamentalists continue using the non-medical term known as “partial birth abortion,” which does not exist.

Finally, I cover the disturbing news on how President Biden’s support from the Arab American community is dropping due to his unwavering support for Israel, and what that could mean in Michigan in 2024.

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Show Notes:

The true story behind the ‘welfare queen’ stereotype.” PBS Newshour

How decades of US welfare policies lifted up the white middle class and largely excluded Black Americans.” By Marguerite Ward of Business Insider

The autoworkers’ big win exposes the absurdity of Trump’s populism.” By Greg Sargent of The Washington Post

UAW reaches tentative pact with General Motors, the last Detroit Three holdout.” By Ken Coleman & Kyle Davidson of Michigan Advance

Universal Basic Income: If it Works for Billionaires’ Children, Why Not the Poor?” By Thom Hartmann in The Hartmann Report

Denver experimented with giving people $1,000 a month. It reduced homelessness and increased full-time employment, a study found.” By Charles R. Davis of Business Insider

From Mothers’ Pensions to Welfare Queens, Debunking Myths About Welfare.” By Lennlee Keep of PBS’ Independent Lens

The Truth Behind The Lies Of The Original ‘Welfare Queen.’” By Gene Denby of NPR

D&E Abortion Bans: The Implications of Banning the Most Common Second-Trimester Procedure.” By Megan K. Donovan of the Guttmacher Institute

Reproductive Health Act bills receive mixed testimony in Senate committee.” By Lily Guiney of Michigan Advance

Census: Arab Americans Now a Majority In Dearborn As Middle Eastern Americans Top 300k.” By Niraj Warikoo of The Detroit Free Press

In his first act, Speaker Mike Johnson uses Israel aid to pick a fight with Joe Biden.” By Sahil Kapur & Rebecca Kaplan of NBC News

Washington Post’s Greg Sargent tweet on GOP’s move to help defund IRS for tax cheats.

Former Clinton Labor Sec. Robert Reich on GOP’s efforts to defund IRS for tax cheats.

Arab American backing for Biden sinks over ‘rock-solid’ Israel support.” By Erum Salam of The Guardian

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