Left of Lansing Podcast–Episode 39: Ottawa Co. Politics & More with Joe Spaulding

Wow, 39 episodes are in the can!

This week, I speak with progressive activist Joe Spaulding on the right wing movement happening with the Ottawa County Board of Commissioners as they passed a resolution declaring the county a “constitutional county.” It’s quite similar to what the equally extreme right wing Livingston County Board of Commissioners recently did as well. Joe Spaulding talks about how he and others are trying to fight back in that western Michigan county. And Joe gives shares some of his experiences while working on the “Voters Not Politicians” ballot proposal, which ended our state’s gerrymandering in 2018. Plus, he gives his thoughts on the Republican effort to ban TikTok in the United States, which is really an attack on younger voters.

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I talk about how refreshing it is to be a progressive broadcaster after spending years in the corporate right wing radio world. I share my ambivalence with the Mackinac Policy Conference, particularly since one of the most consequential and disastrous bills signed into law happened during that same conference a few years ago. That’s when Gov. Whitmer signed the awful auto insurance “reform” bill. What makes it worse is who surrounded her as she signed the bill.

The “Last Call” focuses on how “Greedflation” is the true mechanism which caused inflation.



Joe Spaulding’s tweet on receiving a death threat, and video of Joe speaking against Ottawa County Board of Commission’s “constitutional constitution” resolution.

Democratic State Senator Dayna Polehanki’s tweet about Catholic Church abuse.

In fight against ‘tyranny,’ Michigan board declares itself ‘constitutional county.’” By Yonat Shimrod from Religious News Service.

Ottawa County Board of Commissioners Approves Constitutional County Resolution.” By Mitchell Boatman and Sarah Leach of The Holland Sentinel

Ottawa Co. panel passes ‘constitutional county’ resolution following hours of public debate.” By Jon King of Michigan Advance

Holland-area voters to elect new District 2 county commissioner.” By Audra Gamble from MLive.

What you should know about car insurance after no-fault overhaul.” By Tracy Samilton of Michigan Radio.

Police investigating ex-Speaker Lee Chatfield for allegedly sexually assaulting child.” By Anna Gustafson from Michigan Advance.

Nonprofit tied to Mike Shirkey probed for funneling money to Unlock Michigan.” By Yue Stella from Bridge Magazine.

Many transgender health bills came from a handful of far-right interest groups, AP finds.” By Jeff McMillan, Kavish Harjai, and Kimberlee Kruesi from AP.

Companies Push Prices Higher, Protecting Profits but Adding to Inflation.” By Talmon Joseph Smith and Joe Rennison from The New York Times.

Opinion: Mackinac Policy Conference Panel Was Fascinating Insight Into Changes In Michigan.” By Nancy Kaffer of The Detroit Free Press.

Michigan Proposal 2 Results from 2018 Midterms.

Lake Michigan Photo by Pat Johnston

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