Left of Lansing Podcast–Episode 44: Charlotte Jameson of The Michigan Environmental Council On A Cleaner & Affordable State

Here’s episode 44 of Michigan’s premier progressive podcast!

Strong progressive policies continue to not only get introduced, but continue to pass in the state legislature as we witnessed with the expansion of the Hate Crimes Law. The Democratic majority passed a historic budget last week, and I highlight how they not only spent time and energy reinvesting in our teachers and students, but they’re also reinvesting in the environmental well-being of our schools. I also explain how progressives have swung the pendulum in the other direction after 40 years of Republican rule. And progressives are fighting back more on the local level, too, particularly in Ottawa County!

The focus then switches back to the clean and affordable energy and climate package of bills state Democrats recently introduced. Charlotte Jameson–Chief Policy Officer of the Michigan Environmental Council–joins me to talk about why the MEC is supportive of these measures. Plus, she goes into further detail on how making schools more energy efficient, and the controversial aggregate mining bill that seems to have divided some legislative Democrats. Click here to learn more about the Michigan Environmental Council.

Charlotte Jameson-Chief Policy Officer of the Michigan Environmental Council. Photo courtesy of the MEC.

This week’s “Last Call” deals with my confusion as to why Governor Whitmer’s “Growing Michigan Council” only has one member under 40 so far, but also why she is asking people like Bill Parfet to join the council.



The Michigan Environmental Council

Stop Ottawa Impact if you’d like to join the recall effort of right wing Ottawa County Commissioner Lucy Ebel.

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