Episode 57: Michigan Democrats Showing Government Works With Good Governance!

Here’s episode 57 of Michigan’s Premier Progressive Podcast!

I tackle The Fall of Kevin McCarthy, and why House Democrats made the right move by refusing to give him a life line. McCarthy voted against certifying the 2020 election, he called for impeachment hearings into President Biden despite a lack of evidence, and he did the bidding of Donald Trump. So, so long, Kev!

As 2024 nears, I have to admit that I’m getting a touch nervous over President Biden’s struggling poll numbers. Is it time Democrats begin thinking about a Plan B, and just in case, ask others to consider running next year if Biden decides to bow-out? Or, am I overreacting, and the threat of an autocracy run by the fascist MAGA Christian Nationalist Republican Party is enough to get voters to the polls next year?

I also discuss how Michigan Democrats are moving on legislation designed to lower prescription drug costs in the state. It’s another example of Michigan Democrats proving how government can help people through good governance. Same for how state Democrats are trying to pass a clean and affordable energy plan to lower costs and combat climate change. However, right wing forces are doing everything in their power to stop Michigan from moving into the future.

And finally, I talk about that no matter how divided we may be, is it possible we can find some common ground in other areas of life?

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Show Notes:

U.S. House votes to remove Kevin McCarthy as speaker.” By Jennifer Schutt, Arianna Figueroa, and Ashley Murray in Michigan Advance

Former U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy appearance on CBS’ Face the Nation on October 1, 2023

Michigan Democratic Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib statement on her vote to vacate House Speaker Chair Kevin McCarthy

Michigan Democratic Congresswoman Hillary Scholten statement on her vote to vacate House Speaker Chair Kevin McCarthy

I don’t buy polls that say race between Trump, Biden is neck-and-neck | Opinion.” By Keith A. Owens in The Detroit Free Press

Moss-linked firm received $75K from MIGOP after nominating Karamo as chair.” By Sarah Leech in The Holland Sentinel

Distill Social post on Moss-linked firm receiving cash from MIGOP

Mark Brewer post on Moss-linked firm receiving cash from MIGOP

Pastor sues Ottawa Co. for religious discrimination.” By Katie Rosendale of WoodTV.com

Michigan Senate votes to advance prescription drug bills, nixes most GOP amendments.” By Kyle Davidson of Michigan Advance

Your prescription drug costs could be limited in Michigan. Here’s how.” By Ben Orner of MLive.com

Sparring over clean energy standards continues at committee hearing.” By Kyle Davidson of Michigan Advance

What’s in the Senate Dem bills aimed at facilitating Michigan’s clean energy transition?” By Kyle Davidson of Michigan Advance

State’s electric system not meeting basic test of reliability.” By Jason Hayes of The Mackinac Center for Public Policy

Nessel tries again to shut down Line 5.” By James David Dickson of Michigan Capitol Confidential

Nessel draws broad support from tribal nations, businesses and other states in Line 5 suit.” By Kyle Davidson of Michigan Advance

Worst Case Oil Spill Straits of Mackinac.” By Graham Sustainability Institute of the University of Michigan

Report: Shutting down Line 5 would increase gas prices half a penny.” By Lily Bohlke of The Detroit Metro Times

Study: Partial Line 5 shutdown has not impacted gas prices, despite Enbridge warnings.” By Laina G. Stebbins of Michigan Advance

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Photo of Left of Lansing studio by Pat Johnston

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