Left of Lansing Podcast–Episode 45: A New-New Deal Democrat with State Rep. Betsy Coffia

Here’s the 45th installment of Michigan’s premier progressive podcast!

Democratic State Rep. Betsy Coffia from the 103rd District joins me this week. Rep. Coffia’s district contains Leelanau, Grand Traverse, and Benzie Counties. She’s been a journalist, a social worker, and a Grand Traverse County commissioner. And now, she’s in Lansing trying to make a difference on a variety of fronts. We discuss the Traverse City hair salon owner who’s refusing to serve transgender people, why bigotry is bad for business, the budgets Democrats passed, her work on the school aid budget to help kids and families in northern Michigan, allowing 16-year olds to pre-register to vote, and more.

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My opening segment concentrates on how the right wing has always used “fear and anger” to get-out its voting base. Nothing has changed in the last 40 years when it comes to the Republican Party’s values. Donald Trump wasn’t some anomaly. The party was always a Trump party, and he emboldened Republican voters to finally say the quiet things out-loud. Party insiders are trying to silence those voices, but it’s too late, now!

The “Last Call” continues my opening segment argument that Michigan Republicans stand for nothing, and have zero constructive policy ideas designed to help people.

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Opinion: New funds will help rural school districts.” By Democratic State Rep. Betsy Coffia in The Traverse City Record-Eagle

Traverse City salon refuses to service transgender, queer patrons.” By Nour Rahal in The Detroit Free Press

Democratic State Rep. Betsy Coffia’s official response to Traverse City salon owner’s refusal to serve transgender customers.

America’s Top States for Business 2023: The full rankings.” By CNBC Staff showing Michigan making the Top 10!

Whitmer signs bills to outlaw child marriage, remove cohabitation ban.” By Craig Mauger of The Detroit News

“‘We’re sending a message to the state that we respect science.‘” By Anna Gustafson of Michigan Advance

16-year-olds could be pre-registered to vote under Michigan legislation.” By Lily Guiney of Michigan Advance

All six Michigan congressional Republicans endorse Trump for 2024.” By Jon King of Michigan Advance

Distill Social tweet on all six Michigan GOP congressional Republicans endorsing Trump.

MIGOP meeting melee prompts further questions about Karamo’s leadership and party’s finances.” By John King of Michigan Advance

Another Republican spat reported in Clare.” By Sue Knickerbocker Field in The Morning Sun

Michigan college enrollment decline among worst in the nation.” By Isabel Lohman and Mike Wilkenson of Bridge Magazine

Off The Record episode from July 7, 2023 featuring Republican state Rep. Phil Green from WKAR

Massive environment spending increases highlight early Michigan budget.” By Ben Orner of MLive.com

Rachel Louise Just tweet featuring Republican Tom Barrett and Democrat Curtis Hartel, who announced their candidacy for Michigan’s 7th congressional district.

Whitmer signs bills to outlaw child marriage, remove cohabitation ban.” By Craig Mauger of The Detroit News

Inflation drops sharply to 3 percent, lowest point in more than 2 years.” By Associated Press

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