Episode 67: Kasey Helton and the Michigan “Dirt Road Democrats”

Here’s the 67th, and the final episode for 2023, on Michigan’s premier progressive podcast!

Livingston County progressive activist Kasey Helton returns to the podcast this week as we discuss how “dirt road” Democrats are trying to move the political needle towards the progressive side in rural Michigan. And we’ve seen some of that hard work pay-off with Democrats winning some races in Livingston County, which has been a reliable red county for Republicans. We also discuss how out of touch Livingston County Republicans are with the people on issues like abortion, and how Democrats are trying to save family farms with the recently passed Clean Energy and Climate Action bill package. Plus, Kasey talks with me about a podcast she hosts with Jace Arledge and Ella Nikitin, called “The Stir Podcast.

Listen and subscribe on their website: https://thestirpod.transistor.fm/

My opening segment deals with Michigan Democrats passing bills repealing Republican laws forcing women to purchase “rape insurance.” It’s just another example of how Democrats are helping women, and value women’s economic and medical freedoms. In fact, this year Michigan Democrats are working to move the Overton Window by going on the offense, and passing common sense progressive bills that will help hard-working Michiganders.

And my “Last Call” continues to talk about how allowing family farmers to join in the clean energy future in Michigan is a freedom issue, and how it’s puzzling Republicans voted against the right of farmers to allow wind turbines and solar farms in their fields. What happened to property rights, Republicans?

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The Stir Podcast! Tea-Up with hosts Kasey Helton, Jace Arledge, and Ella Nikitin with guests as they talk left-ish and local on news, society, and culture here in rural Livingston County, Michigan.

Listen and subscribe on their website: https://thestirpod.transistor.fm/

One of the Queerest Podcasts in Michigan Is Recorded in One of Its Most Conservative Counties.” By Jon King of Pride Source

Livingston Integrity PAC–a non-partisan PAC dedicated to democracy through honesty and transparency in Livingston County, MI.

New: Prosecutor says Howell woman who tweeted criticism of COVID misinformation won’t be charged.” By Jon King of Michigan Advance

Bezotte’s wife alleges abuse in divorce filing.” By Maria Stuart of The Livingston Post

Whitmer repeals abortion insurance law she fought against a decade ago.” By Clara Hendrickson of The Detroit Free Press

Whitmer signs bill repealing abortion insurance law she fought against a decade ago.” By Anna Liz Nichols of Michigan Advance

5 things to know about the latest abortion case in Texas.” By Selena Simmons-Duffin, Diane Webber, and Michael Martin of NPR

Wind Development: Check Out the Gratiot County Wind Story.” By the Greater Gratiot County Development, Inc.

Opinion | In Michigan, clean energy and agriculture are allies, not enemies.” By Justin Carpenter in The Bridge Magazine

Governor Whitmer Signs Historic Clean Energy & Climate Action Package.” Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s state website

Michigan Legislature strips away local control over wind, solar fields.” By Ben Orner of MLive.com

Robert Reich tweet on “pro-life.”

Gov. Whitmer signs clean energy legislation in Detroit.” Featuring Clara Ostrander speech on how clean energy bills will help save family farms (Starts around 25:00 mark).

Photo courtesy Kasey Helton

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