Left of Lansing Podcast: Episode 8–Chris Hackbarth from Michigan Municipal League on GOP Bill To Ban “Sanctuary Cities.”

The Left of Lansing Podcast–Episode 8–is posted!

The monologue highlights a couple of major issues we’re facing as Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer is challenging the state to once again believe in REINVESTING in Michigan.

That means perhaps raising the gas tax, like Ohio just did. That means the business community accepting that it must accept a tax hike. That means maybe we shouldn’t repeal the Retiree Tax. And that also means that we not only reinvest in schools, but that we reinvest in teachers!

But the brunt of this week’s podcast deals with how the Michigan Republican legislature is pushing a pair of bills to ban so-called “sanctuary cities.” These bills would stop local municipalities from working with federal authorities on a person’s citizenship status.

Chris Hackbarth from the Michigan Municipal League joins the podcast to share his thoughts on these destructive bills that will have severe consequences for cities and towns throughout the state. (And please visit the MML’s “We Love Where You Live” podcast page!)

I then expand my thoughts on these bills by highlighting how they’re simply following the Republican playbook of attacking the disadvantaged, particularly those who might “look” different. Instead of providing solutions to fix real problems, the Michigan GOP are choosing to play political games.

Special thanks to The Bridge Magazine’s Riley Biggins for clarifying certain parts of this story. Please, read her piece on the anti-“sanctuary city” or Welcoming City bills.

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