Episode 54: GOP absent for workers & clean, affordable energy; My response to Mitch Albom on respect for elderly

It’s episode 54 of Michigan’s premier progressive podcast!

It’s a solo episode this week as I spend time taking the Michigan GOP to task for being absent on supporting the UAW (and unions, in general) in its fight for fair wages, pensions, and paid time-off against the Big Three automakers. Progressives always support unions. Michigan progressive lawmakers and activists support unions, but not one Republican shows up to help strengthen the solidarity for the working class. They don’t care about the working class. They care only about the donor class.

I take Republican state representatives Bill Schuette, Matthew Bierlein, and Graham Filler to task on their Midland Daily News op-ed criticizing legislative Democrats’ clean and affordable energy plans. It’s unconscionable how these right wing Republicans dare to scare readers by claiming clean energy results in higher energy prices when Michigan already pays the 12th highest energy rates in the country!!! And, it’s not reliable energy either!

Finally, in my “Last Call,” I take Detroit Free Press columnist Mitch Albom to task for complaining how much younger people criticize and mock older people, while he simultaneously mocks and criticizes younger people.

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New county-based podcast aims to mix things up.” By The Livingston Post

Gurner Group founder & CEO Tim Gurner demanding 40-50% unemployment to teach workers a lesson.

Democratic State Rep. Dylan Wegela & Mike McDermott from Westland city council Instagram post on supporting UAW

UAW President Shawn Fain issues warning to Detroit Three on eve of contract expiration.” By Phoebe Wall Howard of The Detroit Free Press

Michigan congressional Dems rally with UAW for ‘fair contract.’” By Ken Coleman of Michigan Advance

UAW President Shawn Fain on CNN

Opinion: Democrats’ clean energy proposal would have far and long-reaching consequences.” Republican state representatives Bill Schuette, Matthew Bierlein, and Graham Filler in The Midland Daily News.

Michigan Democrats begin hearings on carbon-free energy legislation.” By Sheri McWhirter of MLive.com

Legislators Introduce Bills to Reach 100% Clean Energy, Create Jobs.” By Michigan House Democrats

NEW POLL: Michigan Voters Want Legislature to Take Action on Clean Energy and Climate, Hold Utility Companies Accountable Following Blackouts.” By Evergreen Action

Wildfires and extreme weather prompt Michigan lawmakers to debut new clean energy legislation.” By Lily Guiney of Michigan Advance

Whitmer administration backs more aggressive Michigan clean energy standard.” By Simon Schuster of MLive.com

Michigan leads the country in clean energy jobs, new report says.” By Kyle Davidson of Michigan Advance

What’s in the Senate Dem bills aimed at facilitating Michigan’s clean energy transition?” By Kyle Davidson of Michigan Advance

Detroit is the country’s fifth worst city for people with asthma, new report says.” By Anna Gustafson of Michigan Advance

Palisades nuclear plant gets $150 million in Michigan budget.” By Sheri McWhirter of MLive.com

Plastic bags bill on its way to Governor Snyder’s desk.” By Cheyna Roth of Michigan Radio

Tim Gurner’s spray about ‘arrogant’ workers lays bare the economic sadism of our time.” By Van Badham of The Guardian

Mitch Albom: Criticizing the old isn’t cute, it’s an insulting — and growing — trend.” By Mitch Albom of The Detroit Free Press

Behind Biden’s 2020 Victory.” By Pew Research Center

Republican Rep. Bill G. Schuette’s campaign contributors by Transparency USA.

Left of Lansing episode featuring Charlotte Jameson–Chief Policy Officer of the Michigan Environmental Council

Photo of Pat Johnston by Pat Johnston

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