Getting In The Game To Save Michigan’s Education System

Great article by Chalkbeat on new Michigan State Senator Dayna Polehanki. She was a high school English teacher for 17 years, but Trump’s 2016 spurned her to get into Michigan’s political game.

She ran. And she won, flipping a Republican district in the southeastern part of the state.

State Senator Polehanki’s now trying to slowly turn around what has been a disastrous right-wing educational policy in the state for decades.

She explains why morale for teachers is low, and why Michigan lags in many educational categories compared to the rest of the nation:

We felt it a lot in teacher pay. Program cuts. Staff cuts. Teacher professional development cuts. Lots of punitive laws. The teacher evaluation law. Now the A-F law. The third grade reading law. They’re extremely punitive and not helpful. Teachers know this.

It’s not surprising to me, that having no Michigan public school teachers in the state Senate education committee in at least a decade, people might come up with laws like these because they don’t understand how it affects teachers and students.

Bold emphasis is mine!

With Governor Whitmer at the helm, Michigan’s teachers are going to have a voice. But you can bet Republicans will fight Whitmer, and allies like Polehanki, with every inch.

But thanks to Polehanki, and so many others who got into the game, sane educational goals will have chance to be heard.


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