Left of Lansing Podcast: Episode 2 Is Up!

In this week’s LOL podcast, I talk with Jarrett Skorrup, who is the Director of Marketing and Communications with the conservative Mackinac Center For Public Policy. We debate Right To Work, former Governor Rick Snyder’s legacy, and the conservative movement in Michigan to drain resources away from public schools. However, we find a little common ground on corporate subsidies, and civil forfeiture.

I also praise Michigan Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, and her fight to hold corporations accountable.

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  1. Richard Lott says:

    I enjoy it when opposing political sides and viewpoints can have a civil debate with issues concerning our state without resorting to nastiness! Well done Left of Lansing with your interview with the Mackinac Center! I loved hearing commonalities alongside opposing views! If only we could have MORE civil debate on issues across the county.

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