Left Of Lansing Episode 33: Bigotry Is Bad For Business

It’s another episode of the LOL Podcast!

Michigan Democrats are banking on Gov. Whitmer’s slogan that “Bigotry Is Bad For Business.” I explain why being the anti-Indiana, the anti-Ohio, and the anti-Florida is the best strategic move for Michigan–both morally and economically.

By becoming a more welcoming state for women who want to make their own medical decisions, and a more LGBTQ-friendly state, Michigan Democrats are illustrating that our state is best for businesses and workers because Michigan believes in freedom. I also highlight how there are now 13 Starbucks stores in Michigan that voted to unionize!

Show notes are located at the end of this post.

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Show notes

Governor Whitmer declares “Bigotry Is Bad For Business” during her 2023 State Of The State Address. Story by Allison R. Donahue(Photo at top of post courtesy of Andrew Ross by Michigan Advance)

Whitmer signs legislation to repeal ‘extreme’ 1931 abortion ban. Story by Ken Coleman in Michigan Advance

Michigan Proposal 3, Right to Reproductive Freedom Initiative (2022)–Wins 56-43%–Ballotpedia

The tweet by Jarrett Skorupt-Vice President of Marketing & Communications from Mackinac Center, followed by my response, and then his response to my response!

Biden administration appeals judge’s ruling ordering abortion pill off U.S. market: Whitmer says despite ruling, ‘medication abortion remains safe and legal in the state of Michigan.’ Story By Jennifer Shutt of Michigan Advance.

Michigan is No. 1! At getting old. That’s not good news. Story By Mike Wilkenson of Bridge Michigan.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel Interview on MSNBC–April 10, 2023

Ohio Supreme Court to review block of near-ban on abortion. Story By Julie Carr Smyth of the AP.

Whitmer signs LGBTQ+ non-discrimination bill into law alongside civil rights pioneer Mel Larsen. Story By Laina G. Stebbins of Michigan Advance

Rick Haglund: Whitmer says ‘bigotry is bad for business.’ Is it true? Column by Rick Haglund of Michigan Advance

The full speech by Democratic state house Representative Lauren Necochea, blasting the Republican Majority’s bill banning out of state travel for girls.

Liberals gain control of Wisconsin Supreme Court for first time in 15 years. NBC News

Wisconsin GOP supermajority already looking to impeach newly elected liberal Supreme Court judge. Story By Samaa Khullar of Salon.

Allen Park Starbucks workers unanimously vote to unionize. Story By Lee Devito of Michigan Advance.

Bernie Sanders grills ex-Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz about alleged union busting. Story By Amelia Lucas of CNBC.

Hurts So Good” by John Mellencamp–(1982)

Crumbling Down” by John Mellencamp (1983)

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