Episode 63: No More Waiting For Environmental Justice w/ Roshan Krishnan of The Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition

Here’s Episode 63 of Michigan’s Premier Progressive Podcast!

Michigan Democrats passed a package of clean energy and affordable energy bills last week. While these bills are for sure a step in the right direction in revamping our antiquated energy grid, these bills still fall far short of the aggressive push many progressives were hoping would happen. Joining me this week to talk more about these bills, and how corporate pressure helped water them down, is Roshan Krishnan, policy associate for The Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition.

My opening segment deals with how pathetic former Michigan Republican Congressman Peter Meijer sounds while pining for the Christian Nationalist Trump voters in his bid to become Michigan’s next U.S. Senator. He’s trying to sound all MAGA in his campaign rollout, but Trump voters despise Meijer for voting to impeach Trump back in 2021. Poor Peter. No one on the right, middle, or left ever asked him to run, yet here he is.

And my Last Call details how Ottawa County residents are learning a valuable lesson of what happens when you put Christian Nationalist right wingers in-charge of local government.

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The Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition

Clean energy package policy changes earn mixed response from environmental advocates.” By Kyle Davidson of Michigan Advance

Michigan House approves changes to clean energy siting, renewable standards and more.” By Kyle Davidson of Michigan Advance

Senate ‘Clean Energy Future’ bills move to governor’s desk.” By Kyle Davidson of Michigan Advance

At Green New Deal for Michigan rally, activists call for more climate change policies, funding.” By Ken Coleman of Michigan Advance

Michigan’s New Clean Energy Bill Signals a “Huge Shift.”” By Dan Gearino of Mother Jones

DTE spending casts shadow over Democrats’ clean energy legislation.” By Brian Allnut of Planet Detroit

Peter Meijer hopes for truce with Trump in Senate quest.” By Simon Schuster of MLive.com

Republican Peter Meijer, who supported Trump’s impeachment, enters Michigan’s US Senate race.” By Joey Cappelletti of The Associated Press

Off The Record episode featuring former Michigan Republican Congressman Peter Meijer from November 10, 2023

Peter Meijer appearance on CNN discussing how “Trump never lied to him.” Via Republican Accountability from Twitter or X.

Food prices remain stubbornly high despite inflation showing signs of easing.” By Susan Selasky of The Detroit Free Press

After Ottawa Co. board dismantled the DEI dept., residents worry about impacted communities.” By Allison Donahue of Michigan Advance

Hambley settlement is far from Ottawa County’s only unplanned cost in 2023.” By Sarah Leach of The Holland Sentinel

Ottawa Impact: Do the politics matter if the county is left broke?” By Cassandra Lybrink of The Holland Sentinel

Detroit is the country’s fifth worst city for people with asthma, new report says.” By Anna Gustafson of Michigan Advance

Photo of “The Pine River in Alma, Fall 2023” by Pat Johnston.

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