Episode 66: Pushing The Overton Window w/ Democratic State Rep. Emily Dievendorf

It’s Episode 66 of Michigan’s Premier Progressive Podcast!

This week, I can’t hold back my disdain for the Michigan Public Service Commission’s decision to green-light an expensive, and short-sighted, tunnel project for the stretch of the 70-year old Line 5 oil pipeline in the Straits of Mackinac. Despite studies showing why the pipeline must stop operating, and that shutting-down the pipeline wouldn’t lead to drastic energy increases, the MPSC chose a corporation’s needs over the needs of Michigan’s natural resources and the people relying on it.

Then, progressive Democratic State Rep. Emily Dievendorf from the 77th House District, joins me to discuss a range of issues, including how that disastrous decision will hurt not just Michigan’s environment, but for those people whose livelihoods depend on our Great Lakes. Rep. Dievendorf also talks about how progressives can push the Overton Window away from the extreme right wing, which is where it’s been here in Michigan for the last half century. We also cover corporate welfare, voting rights, and protections for low income land owners.

The “Last Call” covers how, thanks to some strong progressive leadership, both inside and outside of Lansing, the Overton Window might already be moving slightly.

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Photo Courtesy of Democratic State Rep. Emily Dievendorf’s office and website.

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