The Right Wing Cries As Whitmer Fights Back

It’s been both laughable and frustrating to hear right-wing commentators throw hizzy-fits over Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s nearly $1 billion dollars budget cuts.

I even heard a right-wing talk show host complain about the cuts!

Whoa! Hold on, here!

During the Obama Years, all I heard was how we had to live within our means, and that we couldn’t spend ourselves into prosperity!

My, how times have changed.

Friend of the LOL podcast Susan Demas wonders how in the world the Lansing are forgetting the previous eight years of the Rick Snyder debacle:

In 2011, I was having dinner with a big media executive on a day that teachers were protesting GOP then-Gov. Rick Snyder’s budget cuts in Lansing.

He also probably raised your taxes along the way, between the pension tax and axing tax breaks for kids, college tuition, charitable contributions and more.

Snyder’s first budget was something out of Charles Dickens’ novel, with schools receiving the lowest foundation allowance from the state seeing a $526 per-pupil cut, public universities being whacked by 15%, and the state Earned Income Tax Credit for low-income families seeing a massive cut from 20% to 6% of the federal level. State employees also were told they’d have to swallow cuts during the next contract negotiation.

Michigan’s right-wing is working to convince you that they’ve always advocated for extra spending!

They want you to blame Whitmer for cutting their sacred budget–a budget they didn’t even share or negotiate with the Governor. It shouldn’t be a surprise since they had carte blanche to pass whatever Devos-Michigan Chamber of Commerce crap bills they desired.

And now that Whitmer’s playing a little hardball of her own, the right-wing is suddenly verklempt!

The irony is not lost on Demas:

And there’s the broader irony of Republicans crying crocodile tears over $1 billion in budget cuts, when they’ve been whining for years that it’s crammed with too much pork.

Suddenly all the right-wingers who swear up and down that money doesn’t make any difference for public schools are singing a very different tune when it comes to programs for rural districts and private colleges. And what happened to all those rugged individualists who told us we could easily slash $2 billion or more to fix the damn roads, no tax hike required?

It’s amazing to me how quickly the right-wing narrative has changed ever since a Democrat became governor.

If government doesn’t create jobs, or if less government is always the answer, then what are they complaining about? I thought they hated pork spending!

Oh, they hate spending money in Democratic districts rather than their own districts.

I got it!

Instead of complaining about Whitmer’s cuts, maybe these right-wingers can explain how less spending helps their constituents!

Better yet, maybe their constituents will wake-up and realize we’re all in this together. Perhaps reinvesting in the entire state will eventually lead to a more prosperous state.

One can only hope.

The right-wing is apoplectic that a Democratic woman is calling the GOP to the fold. It won’t dare call for a repeal of the debilitating corporate taxes. It won’t dare call for increasing the Earned Income Tax Credit. It won’t dare call for a graduated income tax.

They don’t call for those things because it’s not what big-money donors want. Donors, like the Devos family or The Michigan Chamber of Commerce, want government to work for them, which is ironic considering how much they claim to despise government.

They don’t want government working for all of us. If the donor base cared about Michigan, it would demand businesses pick-up the slack to pay for road funding.

But the donor base, especially the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, remains silent. They only want us to fix the roads.

It’s a tired playbook but one the right-wing donor base plays, which is why they’re mad at some of Governor Whitmer’s vetoes.

Case in point: Whimter’s line item veto of “$35 million for per-pupil increases to charter schools.” I’m not saying there aren’t some good charter schools in Michigan, but on the whole, they’re drain on traditional public education funding.

Michigan’s charter school experiment costs a billion dollars a year. What’s more, the Devos-bought GOP ensured that charter schools could evade similar oversight public schools must endure. And don’t forget we have zero standards on who operates these schools!

So, Whitmer took an ax and cut funding for charter schools, and the right-wing is crying.

It should also be noted that Whitmer cut $250k in spending so private schools could meet statewide standards such as fire drills and background checks on teachers. Snyder and the GOP passed the spending measure in 2017, but the Michigan Supreme Court will soon decide if it’s unconstitutional. You see, Michigan’s Constitution forbids public funds being used for private education.

The irony is not lost as these so-called small government conservatives become outraged that Whitmer is cutting pork spending–i.e. spending that affects them.

Demas provides the money quote at the conclusion of her column:

But Whitmer certainly isn’t the only one who’s played hardball — Republicans have made it clear they believe they should have carte blanche and the governor’s only duty is to sign whatever they send her way like a good little girl.

That’s precisely is what’s driving the right-wing insane. They can’t believe a Democratic woman governor is fighting back.

While I still believe she gave-up on road funding too quickly, Governor Whitmer is demonstrating how she’s using her years of experience in Lansing to her advantage.

She’s forced Democrats and Republicans to propose supplemental budgets, which was always her goal.

Whitmer actually fought back, and the right-wing cried.

Get ready to hear more crying in the near future.


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