Left Of Lansing Podcast–Episode 36: State Rep. Kelly Breen

If we’re not helping to protect our kids, honestly I don’t know what the hell we’re doing here in Lansing because that should be our number one priority.

Democratic State Representative Kelly Breen

On this week’s LOL Podcast, Democratic State Representative Kelly Breen from 21st House District talks with me to discuss a number of topics.

Rep. Breen and I discuss the gun safety reform bills Democrats passed, and were signed into law by Governor Whitmer. Rep. Breen played a key role in passing the Extreme Risk Protection Order law, which is headed to the Governor’s desk.

We also discuss mental health, education, dealing with today’s Michigan Republican Party, and the importance of getting involved in local politics.

My opening monologue highlights how state Democrats are offering serious solutions during serious times, and Rep. Breen is a shining example.

My “Last Call” deals with the misguided “old and tired trope” that state Democrats are going too far. Nothing could be further from the truth, and some in our Lansing media should begin to realize that fact.

Show notes are at the end of this page.


Show Notes:

CBS Poll showing what GOP voters prefer in a 2024 presidential candidate.

Tweet by Nick Smith of Gongwer News about state Senate Republicans bill package repealing licensing requirements for concealed carry firearms.

Shooting outside Flint charter school by WJRT in Flint.

$20.76B K-12 Budget Called ‘Bold, Forward Thinking.’” Story by Michigan Information and Research Service.  

How harassment and politicized issues help push Michigan teachers out of the classroom.” Story by Alison Donahue of Michigan Advance.

Tenure of new Michigan GOP chair who spread Beyoncé paganism conspiracy theory is off to a rocky start.” Story By Em Steck and Andrew Kaczynski of CNN.

Ex-head of Michigan marijuana board admits he took bribes.” Story by Ed White Of Associated Press.

Michigan lawmakers, AG unveil bills to crack down on targeted hate violence.” Story By Laina G. Stebbins of Michigan Advance.

Opinion: I’m a Michigan lawmaker. We’re going to pass gun reform.” Democratic State Rep. Kelly Breen in The Detroit Free Press.

House Bill 4146 to prevent a person from purchasing firearm if they are under an extreme risk protection order.

Off The Record with Tim Skubick: April 28, 2023 episode.

Opinion: Backlash against Michigan Dems for progressive legislation? Don’t bet on it.” John Lindstrom of The Detroit Free Press.

“Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald.” By Gordon Lightfoot on Summertime Dream in 1976

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