Left of Lansing–Episode 27–Dave Wagner from Indivisible Michigan–3/1/2020

Another brand new episode of The Left of Lansing Podcast is posted!

This week, Dave Wagner from the Indivisible Michigan joins the podcast. Indivisible Michigan is fighting to turn Michigan’s state legislature not only blue, but deep progressive blue as it highlights candidates with progressive spines. We talk about how Indivisible started, how it’s changing the political landscape, and how it’s trying to end the Republican rule in the Michigan House of Representatives through the #FlipThisHouse2020 project.

This week, Indivisible Michigan highlights candidate (and friend of the LOL Podcast) Julia Pulver. Give it a read, please! And give the entire series a read by clicking here.

I talked about how “geeked” I am for next week’s Democratic Presidential Primary in Michigan next week. We will play a key role in determining who might become the Democratic Party’s nominee, which might be a bloody battle. In fact, I tweeted the following prediction:

We’ll see how this prediction pans-out.

I implore the remaining candidates to pay attention to the Blue Wave of Progressivism that traveled throughout the state in 2018. Progressive candidates won. Progressive ballot proposals won. You see, Michigan progressives are fighting hard because we’ve had to live with the Devos Family’s political muscle for years. Their tactics aren’t new to us, which is why we’re fighting back with bold strategies and policies.

Take note, presidential candidates.

I also remind some of my fellow progressives that pushing a Medicare For All agenda isn’t all that new, and isn’t all that radical. In fact, there was a certain guy in the White House who advocated for a Medicare For All country back in 1962.

I hope you enjoy this episode.

Take the battle to them!

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