Rep. Tlaib Demands Trump To Denounce White Supremacy

Michigan Democratic Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib is certainly a breath of fresh air.

While some congressional Democrats hem-and-haw over how tough they should be on President Trump, Tlaib isn’t afraid to go after him.

Tlaib is calling on Trump to denounce white supremacy after a right-wing terrorist killed 50 Muslims, who were worshiping at two Mosques in New Zealand.

The suspected terrorist is described as a “white nationalist,” who described Trump as “a symbol of renewed white identity. “

As has been the case throughout his presidency, Trump lacks the same enthusiasm whenever a white nationalists commits an act of terror rather than when it’s done by a Muslim.

Trump just doesn’t have him to use harsh words against the growing threat of right-wing terrorism because he understands that would anger some who support him.

Whenever a Muslim is charged with a terrorist act, American politicians expect moderate Muslims to denounce that specific terrorist act.

But politicians (and the media) don’t make similar demands in a response to white, right-wing terrorists.

Maybe that’s because, as Tlaib correctly notes, Islamaphobia is present in both Democratic and Republican parties.

She’s trying to make that change by attacking Trump for yet again treating another act white-right-wing terrorism with kid gloves.

Tlaib says it’s time for Trump to step-up. The Detroit News:

“He can’t just say (white supremacy is not on the rise) when the facts state the  opposite,” Tlaib said while speaking to CNN host Jake Tapper Sunday morning. “He needs to do better by us as a country. He needs to speak up and condemn this very loud and very clearly.”

Remember, Trump refused to condemn white supremacy during a signing ceremony where he vetoed a bill that overturned his national emergency order to build a wall on the Southern border.

Trump says the wall will keep America safe from terrorism and crime. Meanwhile, white nationalism violence is on the rise both inside and outside the U.S., and Trump (and the D.C. political establishment) have no answers to combat it.

Cognitive Dissonance is prerequisite in today’s political world.

Thankfully, people like Rashida Tlaib are telling America we can be better than that.

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