Episode 46: Sam Inglot of Progress Michigan on GOP’s moral and ethical rot

Here’s the 46th episode of Michigan’s premier progressive podcast!

I start-out this week talking about taking the battle to the right wing forces in our state. I illustrated why state Senator Mallory McMorrow’s “We will not let hate win,” speech went viral. It resonated with millions across the country because McMorrow did what so many of us want to see from Democrats: fighting back. In Michigan, progressive Democrats did fight back, take over the state government, and are now making the lives of millions of people better by reinvesting in them. And that’s why the right wing is trying to recall five Democratic state house representatives.

Image Courtesy of Progress Michigan

I then have a talk with Sam Inglot, executive director of Progress Michigan. We cover state Attorney General Dana Nessel’s announcement of charging the 16 Michigan Republican officials who tried to act like fake electors in their attempts to steal the 2020 election for Donald Trump. We also highlight how we’re expanding voting rights in the state, and some of the other work Progress Michigan is doing both across the state, and on the local level.

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The “Last Call” further illustrates how the right wing Michigan GOP continues to double-down by trying to add more guns in their quest to… quell our gun violence in our state?

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16 Michigan Republicans charged with felonies in 2020 fake elector scheme.” By Anna Liz Nichols of Michigan Advance

Here’s what we know about the charges against the 2020 Michigan fake electors.” By Kyle Davidson of Michigan Advance

Whitmer signs bills she says will make it easier to vote in Michigan.” By Lily Guiney of Michigan Advance

Progress Michigan press release on charges for fake electors.

Recall effort against Ottawa County’s Lucy Ebel will move forward.” By Sarah Leach of The Holland Sentinel

Michigan Republicans introduce legislation allowing guns in college campuses.” By Anna Gustafson of Michigan Advance

 “Conservative Michigan lawyer uses extremism, God to find policy wins, critics say.” By Dave Boucher of The Detroit Free Press

Democratic State Rep. Noah Arbit tweet on former Michigan GOP co-chair Meshawn Maddock, who is one of the 16 state Republicans charged with felonies over the 2020 fake elector sham.

Recall petitions filed against 5 Democratic, 1 Republican House members.” By Anna Liz Nichols of Michigan Advance

Democratic state Senator Mallory McMorrow’s “We will not let hate win,” speech.

Democratic state Senator Mallory McMorrow’s MSNBC appearance on the imploding Michigan GOP.

The Recount tweet on Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott’s decision to push migrant children back into the Rio Grande River.

Records: Wentworth secured $6.8 million grant to dredge lake where former aide lives.” By Mike Wilkinson of The Bridge Michigan Magazine

Democratic State Rep. Betsy Coffia on Episode 45 of the Left of Lansing Podcast.

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