Show You’ll Fight For The People, And You’ll Win. Democrats, Please, Take Note!

This new ABC News poll illustrates what I’ve been advocating for years:

As I talked about on this week’s LOL podcast, a strong majority of the people want a political and economic system that works for them.

The American people want our politicians to pass laws reinvesting in education, infrastructure, and the environment. They want our politicians to strengthen the safety net while demanding the Top 1% (including corporations) to help pay for it.

Voters want a mix of capitalism and socialism to move America forward, which is what we’ve done for years. But the American people our politicians to have the courage to make the system work for them!

In Michigan, we’ve witnessed right-wing Republicans use the political and economic system to benefit the DeVos donor system. We’ve watched years of crony capitalism lead to decrepit roads, a broken education system funneling money to for-profit charter schools with little oversight, and deregulation that’s led to contaminated water throughout the state.

Michiganders also watched how Republicans used illegal gerrymandering so they could pass Right-To-Work-For-Less, and reverse the voters’ decision to gut the emergency manager law–which led to the man-made Flint Water Crisis.

Michiganders grew tired of asking for safe, tepid change. They demanded immediate and drastic change. That’s why they voted for progressives like Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Attorney General Dana Nessel, and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson.

That’s why they voted to legalize pot. That’s why they voted to end gerrymandering. That’s why they voted to make voting easier in Michigan.

Even more, while young, progressive leaders like New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are making national headlines, we have young progressive leaders pushing for immediate change in Michigan as well..

One of those leaders is someone we had on the podcast a few months ago. Rep. Laurie Pohutsky left her microbiology job to run for a state house seat–a seat that Republicans held for years.

Rep. Pohutsky ran despite the Democratic Party establishment urging her to wait her turn. She didn’t listen. She persisted. And not only did she in the primary, but she flipped seat from Republican to Democrat.

Pohutsky did it by running on an aggressive progressive agenda, which is an agenda that fights for the people. She read the tea leaves and knew the people in her district were tired of hearing how great the economy is rolling along, but aren’t feeling that prosperity.

Here’s Rep. Pohutsky speaking today at the People’s Wave Convention on what galvanized her to get involved:

For the full video, please watch here. Rep. Pohutsky speaks around the 9:00 mark. “Big banks broke the economy, and we, the 99%, paid the price.”

Great line.

There’s a future leader, my fellow progressives. Rep. Pohutsky “didn’t ask for permission” to run. She ran on a platform for the people, and won.

Let that be a lesson.


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