Left of Lansing Podcast 4–David Hecker, President of AFT Michigan

Here’s the Left of Lansing podcast for March 14, 2019!

You’ll hear me talk about how decades of Republican laissez-faire politics failed Michigan. And how refreshing it’s been that Michiganders are finally waking up to their game.

I also interview David Hecker, President of the American Federation of Teachers-Michigan. We talk about how Republican rule proved to be detrimental to Michigan’s education system. And how Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer is offering a new path to reinvest in our students and teachers. We also talk about Whitmer’s opposition to the GOP’s 3rd Grade reading proficiency law.

I finish-up by highlighting our “highly” successful medical marijuana business, and why this foreshadows how the recreational pot shops will do just as well. However, many local municipalities are choosing to deny recreational pot shops in their towns. And I have a word or two for them.

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