Left of Lansing Podcast: Episode 6– Ingrid Jacques of The Detroit News

Here’s the sixth episode of the LOL podcast!

This week, I discuss that no matter how dire the the national political scene may appear for those of us fighting for progressive change, look at what’s happening in Michigan, and you might start to feel a little bit better.

Ingrid Jacques, the deputy editorial page editor from The Detroit News joins the podcast. We debate whether universities are clamping-down on conservative speech. But we find a little common on finding ways to respect the popular vote in presidential elections. Please, click here to visit Ingrid’s page on The Detroit News and read her columns.

In my “Last Call,” I come to the realization that when it comes to Michigan’s roads, or protecting Americans with pre-existing conditions from losing their health care, Republicans have NO plans!

And I end by drinking my first sips of Bell’s Oberon beer–a Michigan springtime tradition!

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