Left of Lansing Podcast Episode 11: Dr. April Zeoli–MSU Researcher on Gun Violence & Domestic Abuse

The 11th installment of the Left of Lansing Podcast is posted!

This week, I had a few comments to say about U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr. How couldn’t I, right?

I also highlight how the Michigan GOP worked behind the scenes to gerrymander its way into power for the last decade. But thanks to voting rights’ advocates, a three-judge panel last week ruled the Republican gerrymandering game was of “historic proportions.” The GOP must redraw districts by later this summer, and Michigan Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer will have the final say if they’re valid. If the GOP fails to redraw the districts, the court will be forced to draw the districts. While the Supreme Court could intervene, we passed a “Voters Not Politicians” ballot proposal last Fall, and we will have a more fair way to draw districts for the 2022 election. Which just goes to show, if you fight, you can win! (Check-out the awesome articles by the invaluable Bridge Magazine by clicking here, and here.)

Then, I talk with Dr. April Zeoli from Michigan State University’s School of Criminal Justice. Dr. Zeoli has conducted exhaustive research on ways to prevent intimate partner and domestic violence by firearms. She’s produced evidence showing that states that enact broad gun restrictions on those convicted of domestic violence leads to fewer intimate partner homicides. How does Michigan measure-up compared to other states? Spoiler: It’s not good. Dr. Zeoli explains in our discussion.

Please, visit Dr. April Zeoli’s website for more information on this important topic. She’s got a bevy of studies and articles for you to peruse.

In the “Last Call,” I applaud Michigan Democratic Congresswoman Haley Stevens for signing-on to legislation that would restrict military courts from releasing those convicted of sexual assault or rape. It’s great to see Congresswoman Stevens fighting to protect victims of sexual violence.

I also play a speech Democratic state Rep. Laurie Pohutsky gave at a recent People’s Wave Convention by the Michigan People’s Campaign. Please, listen to her speech. She explains how her improbable victory started thanks to strong progressive support. Rep. Pohutsky is not just a future leader–she’s already a political force in Michigan!

Finally, I give you my Kentucky Derby prediction!

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