Here’s Another Great Podcast Devoted To Michigan Politics

If you ever need more insightful coverage about Michigan politics, please listen to the Michigan Policast.

Christine Berry, Walt Sorg, and Amy Kerr Hardin produce an entertaining weekly podcast that not only highlights what’s happening in Michigan, but also what’s happening on the national scene. They cover the week’s top stories that you might know, or might not know.

But what I really enjoy is their intelligent commentary combined with timely humor, which is desperately needed in these times of Trumpland.

I truly believe podcasting is the wave of the future, especially for progressive ideas to get disseminated to the public. While old radio continues to rely on its old ways of thinking that only brain-dead, white identity, right-wing political talk can be successful, progressives are moving to the podcast medium–a medium of “radio on demand” which I believe is the medium younger generations prefer.

And podcasts like Michigan Policast are helping provide that ever-important service terrestrial radio wants to ignore.

Please, visit Michigan Policast, or subscribe on Apple Music.

Oh, and of course, don’t forget about my podcast, too! Another episode will appear in a few days.


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