Give Credit Where Credit Is Due…Part II

I wrote earlier this week how we can’t forget how Michigan Democratic Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib led the charge to impeach the most corrupt President in this nation’s history.

And, I made that point clear on this week’s podcast. Give it a listen because I also talk with author Anna Clark on her book about the Flint Water Crisis.

I’m glad Rep. Rashida is getting recognized for her courage on impeachment. Yes, many in the media establishment were clutching their pearls that Tlaib used…a curse word!


Oh, and the mainstream corporate press demanded Democrats to denounce her. I mean, how in the world can we allow a woman, even more, a woman of color to speak in such a profane way about the President of the United States?

It was such fake outrage, but I’m used to it from The Very Serious People crowd.

What the mainstream corporate press failed to recognize, again, is that Tlaib expressed the anger that filled millions of America feeling left behind. While the press writes-up numerous stories about Trump voters, Tlaib tapped into the anger and frustration of millions of Americans who feel left behind thanks to the current regime in the White House.

The mainstream press owes Rashida Tlaib an apology. They refused to acknowledge, or accept, the fact that Tlaib had her finger on the pulse of not only her constituency, but of a large swath of America.

Many in The Very Serious People crowd love it when a rich, white dude like Chris Christie demeans teachers, and punches down and beats-up on those who can’t afford lobbyists.

They can’t stand it when someone has the audacity to punch-up, and attack those who pass policies hurting the majority of America.

Well, Congresswoman Tlaib didn’t care despite the fake outrage from the press.

Once again, thank you Rep. Rashida for standing up for those who the press refuses to hear.


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