Michigan Risks Giving Up More Than It Gains With Auto Insurance “Reform.”

To say I’m less than enthused over this new auto insurance “reform” bill is a bit of an understatement.

I’m disappointed some of our Democratic legislators felt pressured to get something done for something’s sake without truly approving a bill that actually helps Michiganders.

Yes, Michigan’s no-fault auto insurance is among the most expensive in the country due in-part to the unlimited lifetime medical benefits. You get what you pay for, right?

Republicans have been trying to tear law apart, and now, Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer gave them the green light to just that.

There were other ways to help save Michiganders some money without eradicating unlimited lifetime medical benefits. But Whitmer and other Democrats in the state legislature thought the best way forward was to give-in to Republicans so they could say the did something.


Who would’ve thought it would the Democrats who eventually made a major conservative dream become reality?

There’s no way every member of the state legislature read all 120-pages of the auto insurance “reform” bill in a matter of hours before voting on said bill! It was done behind closed doors. The people had no idea what was going on behind those closed doors.

And we wonder why Michigan ranks low in government transparency.

What a joke!

But what’s not funny is how this bill is going to seriously affect Michiganders in the future.

Julia Pulver has been an RN for a dozen years, and barely lost in her bid to become a state senator last year. She wrote a devastating piece explaining how this bill is going to hurt thousands of people.

The entire legislature (with few, but noted, exceptions) decided to quickly pass this bill in a lame duck-esque manner. My patients and their families did not have the ability to consider and respond to how these changes will impact their daily lives. My colleagues did not have the ability to consider or respond to a bill that will have very real, negative impacts on their ability to provide adequate care to patients. Michiganders did not have time to consider and respond to sweeping changes to our auto no-fault system that will deeply impact every single person in our state. We were just told to celebrate this rare bipartisanship and express our gratitude that “something” had been done, even if was going to cause people direct harm. You’ll excuse me if I don’t celebrate.

My shock and horror at the course of events that lead us to today keeps getting compounded every time someone, wittingly or not, falsely equivocates “PIP Benefits” and “Medical Benefits.” As we go forward with our (late) discussions on the pros and cons of our new no-fault system, let me make one thing perfectly clear:

PIP benefits are more than just your regular medical insurance benefits.Medical coverage is only a PORTION of what is covered under your PIP benefits. PIP stands for “Personal Injury Protection” and covers a wide variety of recovery services and benefits, not just traditional medical care.

It covers vastly more than MRIs, hospital and surgery costs. It covers so much more than prescription medications, casts and doctor’s appointments. In our currently broken medical system, it was the one remaining truly patient focused system we had left, and now it’s gone.

Please, read this article. Pulver gives details on what will no longer be covered if you choose not to have full coverage.

This bill simply shifts costs to the people who will become bankrupt if they get into a serious auto accident.

Think about it. How far will a $50,000 policy go if you and others get into a serious car accident.

Now, you understand why insurance companies celebrated this bill.

You know, there is one solution to ensure we don’t have to worry about all of this:


Pulver gives special thanks to those 19 state Democrats who stood up for principle, and voted against this bill:

Thank you to:

Sen. Jeremy Moss, D, Southfield

Sen. Mallory McMorrow, D, Royal Oak

Sen. Winnie Brinks, D, Grand Rapids

Sen. Jeff Irwin, D, Ann Arbor

Rep. Sherry Gay-Dagnogo, D, Detroit

Rep. Isaac Robinson, D, Detroit

Rep. Kyra Bolden, D, Southfield

Rep. Lori Stone, D, Warren

Rep. Donna Lasinski, D, Saline Twp

Rep. Robert Wittenberg, D, Huntington Woods

Rep. Yousef Rabhi, D, Ann Arbor

Rep. Kristy Pagan, D, Canton

Rep. Julie Brixie, D, Okemos

Rep. Jim Ellison, D, Royal Oak

Rep. Rachel Hood, D, Grand Rapids

Rep. Cynthia Johnson, D, Detroit

Rep. David Lagrand, D, Grand Rapids

Rep. Ronnie Peterson, D, Ypsilanti

Rep. Rebekah Warren, D, Ann Arbor

Thank you to all of those who voted against this “reform” bill. I’m afraid their fears will be realized soon.

Perhaps this should teach us that we can’t rush through policies just because a billionaire threatens to blow-up the process all by himself.


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