Episode 50: Mi Right To Read w/ Debbie Mikula of Michigan Libraries Association

Here it is! The 50th episode of Michigan’s premier progressive podcast! I love that I’ve made it to 50 episodes, and I’d love to thank everyone who helped me get this little project off-the-ground. And, I’d love to thank you for listening, and to help spread the word of this podcast.

In this episode, I put a spotlight on the extreme right-wing Christian Nationalist movement, which is spreading inside the national Republican Party, and especially inside Michigan’s Republican Party. This movement scored some wins in local governments, including the far right Ottawa Impact group which is now the majority on the Ottawa County Board of Commissioners. And with Donald Trump’s fourth indictment this year, I discuss how the Christian Nationalist movement will go to any length to be on the winning side, even if that means resorting to violence.

Part of the Christian Nationalist movement’s battle against democracy is by attacking local libraries and librarians, and by banning books. That’s been happening in many areas across the state, but the Michigan Libraries Association is trying to stop these attacks with the MI Right To Read coalition. Mi Right To Read is a way to help connect those of us who value libraries across the state, and value the First Amendment. Debbie Mikula from the Michigan Libraries Association joins me to discuss more about this campaign.

Debbie Mikula, executive director of the Michigan Libraries Association. Photo courtesy of MLA.

Then, the “Last Call” puts an exclamation point on my interview with Debbie Mikula by showing how these so-called “grassroots” book banning groups are backed by rich, right wing donors. They are hoping to silence marginalized voices by banning books on race, religion, LGBTQ+ rights, gender rights, and anything else they deem a threat to their mythic and bigoted Christian Nationalist movement.

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Show Notes:

Michigan Libraries Association

MI Right To Read Coalition

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