Friday Left of Lansing Short: John Moolenaar’s Gotion Hypocrisy

The “Friday Short” puts a spotlight on Michigan Republican Congressman John Moolenaar’s hypocrisy when it comes to the proposed Gotion electric battery plant in Big Rapids.

Moolenaar hopped-aboard the right wing xenophobia bandwagon since Gotion’s parent company is from China. Yet, Moolenaar never once uttered a word of skepticism over other Chinese companies which set-up shop here in our state, nor did he once criticize former Republican Governor Rick Snyder over his numerous trade mission trip to China!

But now, Moolenaar says he opposes the project because Gotion will pay workers in the area less than it originally said. Some state senate Democrats voted against the project for that very reason a few months ago. Moolenaar suddenly sounds like progressives in opposing corporate handouts in exchange for cheap labor. But in reality, John is only appearing to be pro-worker because he’s trying to show he’s strong against China.

If Moolenaar is such a pro-worker kinda guy, I can’t wait for him to publicly back the UAW’s labor fight against the Big Three auto companies!

But I’m not holding my breath.


A proposed Gotion plant has ‘turned neighbors and friends into enemies.’” By Anna Gustafson of Michigan Advance

Congressman Moolenaar’s press release on worker pay at Gotion. (Notice at the bottom that the press release is tagged as “National Security.” You won’t notice corporate handouts, corporate subsidies, or worker rights.

Photo: “20200310-OSEC-LSC-0180” by USDAgov is marked with Public Domain Mark 1.0.

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