Michigan Is Too Old. Democrats Must Pass Laws To Attract Young People

As I mentioned in this week’s episode of LOL, Michigan is getting older: Deaths outnumbered births in all but seven counties in Michigan in the year ending July 2022, new Census figures show, a result of the state’s aging population and the devastating impact of thousands of COVID-19 deaths. That’s 92 percent of Michigan’s 83…

“I Need A Dollar-Dollar, A Dollar Is What I Need.”

Michigan’s minimum wages increased 20 cents today to $9.45 per hour Friday. It won’t reach $12 an hour until 2030 after Republicans delayed the increase by eight years. — Motor City Muckraker (@MCmuckraker) March 29, 2019 Hundreds of thousands of Michiganders signed petitions to raise the state’s minimum wage to $12 an hour by 2022….