Thank You, AG Nessel!

I have to admit, it was extremely cool to see this message pop-up on my Twitter feed over the weekend:

I’m doing this podcast because I love doing it. As I said in my pilot podcast, I didn’t realize until my first radio job at the age of 25 how much Michigan politics affected my life.

While national politics are indeed vitally important, change tends to happen faster on the state level. For example, while the federal government (and federal politicians) fail to move at all on legalizing marijuana, Michigan joined a handful of states in legalizing certain amounts of marijuana.

That’s how change happens.

Michigan is taking the lead in PFAS detection. While the federal government wastes its time in setting a stiff PFAS standard, Michigan is doing what it can to find-out where PFAS reside, and holding those responsible for knowingly contaminating our water with these harmful chemicals.

And AG Nessel took on the establishment Democratic Party candidate to run for the office. She could’ve just sat back and decided to wait her turn. But Dana Nessel believed her time now was to run, and she won.

That’s how you make immediate change.

And that’s why I’m doing this weekly podcast. Sure, I’m hoping someday this little venture takes-off and makes a little money. But my love of broadcasting and Michigan politics are the primary reasons which drove me to start this podcast.

Thank you so very much, Attorney General Dana Nessel, for listening to this little project!

And thank to everyone else who listens, as well.

Let’s keep taking the battle to them!


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  1. Best Ballons around here !

  2. Atieh Wata says:

    I agree with our AG Dana Nessel. For the past few decades the conservative base had loud voices and progressives had little. I hope your podcast finds everyone in Michigan…all would benefit from listening and being inspired.

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