Left Of Lansing Podcast–Episode 37: Talking Livingston Co. Politics w/ Kasey Helton

A new episode of the Left Of Lansing Podcast is posted.

This week, progressive activist Kasey Helton joins me to talk about life as a progressive in ruby red Republican Livingston County. We talk about Livingston County politics, why it’s been difficult for progressives to make a dent there, but how progressives are beginning to find ways to post some victories there. She also shares some ideas and strategies that progressives can take to make change in Michigan’s red counties.

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My opening monologue deals with my two week battle with COVID, which is why I missed a podcast last week! Sitting around in bed as I deal with COVID for the first time since the pandemic broke, I recalled how the right wing did everything in its po to ensure the virus killed and sickened as many Americans as possible because “cruelty is the point.”

My “Last Call” deals with how a simple school millage became an ideological battle in Livingston County’s Heartland Township. The county Republican Party fought against the millage because they objected over “woke” books. But this should serve as an illustration for all progressives on the importance of local politics because the right wing is so far out-maneuvering the left on city, county, and school boards.


Show Notes:

Livingston Integrity PAC–a non-partisan PAC dedicated to democracy through honesty and transparency in Livingston County, MI.

Indivisible Michigan website and Twitter.

The Persistence of Tragedy, The Preservation of Memory” by Susan J. Demas of Michigan Advance.

Michigan voters reject extremism at the polls, but culture wars still loom large,” by Jordyn Hermani of MLive.

Voters approve Hartland schools operating millage despite pushback,” by Jennifer Eberbach of Livingston Daily.

2022 Midterm Results in Livingston County.

Analyzing the election: Livingston County is actually becoming MORE Republican,” by Buddy Moorehouse of The Livingston Post.

Democratic State Sen. Dayna Polehanki’s “Trauma Kits” Speech.

Kasey Helton’s “Laws are pointless,” tweet, including Livingston County Sheriff Mike Murphy’s Facebook Live statement on not enforcing ERPO laws.

Kasey Helton’s “vote local” tweet.

The Cruelty Is The Point,” by Adam Sewer of The Atlantic.

Michigan Republicans Respond to Call for Gun Safety Laws—By Trying to Repeal Gun Safety Laws,” by Kyle Kaminski of The Gander.

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