Left of Lansing Podcast Episode 12: Susan Demas–Editor-In-Chief of Michigan Advance

The 12th episode of the Left Of Lansing Podcast is posted!

Since I’ve reached a milestone–a dozen episodes–I’ve got a Michigan treasure as my guest this week. Progressive writer, and Editor-In-Chief of Michigan Advance, Susan Demas joins me to discuss Michigan politics. We cover how the establishment Lansing press rewards old conservatives viewpoints while ignoring progressive voices. We also talk about how progressives are making gains in Michigan while Trump and his Republican allies are pushing back on national level.

And please, read Susan’s piece at Michigan Advance about Trump and the GOP’s attack on women and their right to choose. It’s a moving piece pointing-out the gross lie Trump is pushing that mothers and doctors are conspiring to kill newborn babies.

I share my thoughts on how the Michigan GOP is acting as it always does: Never in the interest of actually helping Michigan progress to the next generation. Michigan right wing Republicans have pushed-through auto insurance “reform” bills, passed in the dead of night without real debate. Don’t you recall how mad the right wing got when Congressional Democrats passed Obamacare after 18-months of debate? Those were the days.

I also bring-up how our good friend, Republican state Rep. Beau LaFave, introduced a bill that would allow people to carry a concealed firearm without a permit! Isn’t that wonderful (sarcasm)!

Finally, despite the right wing and its establishment media attacks, progressive ideas are mainstream ideas, especially with Millennials and Generation Z. A conservative writer presented these plain facts in The Atlantic this week, and I share portions of that piece.

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