Episode 48: Progress Michigan’s Jade Gray on Connecting With Gen Z Voters

Here’s Episode 48 of Michigan’s premier progressive podcast!

Happy Indictment Week III!

I had so many words and thoughts to share as Donald Trump faces his third indictment this week. He’s finally been charged for the role he played for the January 6th insurrection in an effort to steal the 2020 election. Despite getting indicted again, Michigan’s GOP is all-in for Trump even though two more state Republicans face indictments for stealing voting machines. But while Republicans keep getting indicted, progressives keep doing the work to help everyone “Make It In Michigan.”

One big reason why progressives are scoring some major victories in the state is because of the impressive turnout by Generation Z voters in the 2022 election. They were key in getting abortion rights enshrined in our state constitution, in expanding voting rights and access to voting, and getting Democrats in control of state government.

Jade Gray from Progress Michigan, and a Co-President of College Dems at the University of Michigan, joins me to talk about what issues are at the forefront for Gen Z. She also shares her thoughts on how Gen Z is not only pressing for progressive change, but refuses to sit on the sidelines. They are trying to make change now on a host of issues. And as the Digital Organizer at Progress Michigan, Ms. Gray talks about their project to help progressives have a bigger digital presence throughout the state with Progressive Megaphone. If you want to learn more, megaphone@progressmichigan.org

Image courtesy of Progress Michigan

The Last Call spotlights a groundbreaking program which provides pregnant Flint mothers a one-time $1,500 payment, and then a $500 per month for that child’s first year with no strings attached! The program is called Rx Kids, and it has possibilities to improve the entire Flint community!

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The Rx Kids Program

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