So, By All Means, Let’s Just Keep Doing What We’re Doing?

I know this story broke a few weeks ago, but I want to highlight here because I’ll be covering the environment and the Great Lakes on the next LOL podcast.

From Michigan Radio:

A new report commissioned by the Environmental Law and Policy Center urges Great Lakes states to mitigate and prepare for the “profound” effects of climate change.

The report, authored by more than a dozen Midwest and Canadian researchers, says Great Lakes states will see more very hot days, increases in heavy rainfall and flooding, declines in crop yields, and threats to drinking water.  

The study recommends that Midwest states adopt policies to reduce carbon emissions considering Lake Superior is experiencing algae blooms for the first time, ever.

It also stresses that we should press for electric cars and public transportation.

Those seem like logical steps to take.

But then you have the illogical Trump administration, which is actually pressing for a rollback on fuel efficiency standards. Thankfully, California is pushing back on those idiotic efforts, and fighting the rollback in court.

I’ll end this right here by posting AOC from last week, making her clarion call for us to do something regarding climate change:

It’s also reassuring to know that Michigan has a governor and an attorney general willing to protect the state’s environmental future. Because by protecting our lakes, rivers, and streams, and preparing for the future by embracing renewable energy, Michigan will become a place people will want to live in.

That’s called believing in science. That’s called embracing the future. That’s called embracing the economy of the future, which will benefit Michigan.

Most of all, because, it will also help save lives.

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  2. Richard Lott says:

    I have to say I find AOC’s passion and fire refreshing. How many times in the history of our county do you see Politicians, on the national, sate or local stage that show that much caring about the other 99%? While I do not always agree with her I do wish there were more that called out the bullshit in Washington. Maybe she is the start of a political revolution that will see Politicians who server our county based on the need for change and helping other Americans vs their own self interests alongside corporate greed?

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