Left of Lansing Podcast Episode 21: Democratic State Rep. Jon Hoadley

The latest Left of Lansing podcast is posted!

I’m thrilled to have Michigan Democratic state Representative Jon Hoadley from Kalamazoo. Rep. Hoadley is running for Congress and hopes to defeat longtime Republican incumbent Fred Upton.

Rep. Hoadley has been a strong progressive voice in the Michigan state House, and now wants to add his voice in Congress.

Please, visit Rep. Hoadley’s campaign site for additional info.

You can also follow him on Twitter.

You can tell Michigan’s Republican Party fears Jon Hoadley as Chairman Laura Cox said in a statement last Spring:

“Tax Hike Hoadley has never seen a problem he didn’t think he could tax and spend his way out of. Washington’s tried that and it simply doesn’t work.”

Upton barely won his last election. Hoadely represents the future–a future in which we reinvest in our infrastructure, ensure that every American has good health insurance, reverse the disastrous environmental policies pushed by The Occupant, and guarantee equal rights for all Americans!

It was my pleasure to speak with Rep. Hoadley. Hope you enjoy it after my weekly monologue.

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