Left Of Lansing Podcast 35: Michigan Democrats Fixing 40 Years Of Republican Rule

In this week’s episode, Pat Johnston covers how Democrats are fixing what Republicans destroyed during their 40 years of power in Lansing. He covers how Republicans across the nation are working to erase American history, ban books, silence their opponents, and destroy the public school system. Pat also gives another shoutout to Democratic State Rep. Dylan Wegela for introducing a bill stopping police from lying to minors to obtain a false confession!

Next week, I’ll speak with Democratic State Representative Kelly Breen, who is the chair of the House Judiciary Committee. We’ll talk about her work on passing the gun safety laws, which Governor Whitmer has signed into law. I’ll get her take on right wing county sheriffs who are refusing to carry-out these new laws, and we’ll talk about some other important issues she wants to address in the legislature.

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Show notes are posted below the podcast.


Show Notes:

State Rep. Dylan Wegela bill to stop police from lying to kids: House Bill 4436

A New Bill Aims To Stop Michigan Cops From Lying To Children–Because They Can Really Do That.” By Kyle Kaminski of The Gander

Law Enforcement Experts on Why Police Shouldn’t be Allowed to Lie to Suspects.” By Saul Kassin in Time Magazine

Livingston County votes to defy red flag bills pending in gun reform legislation.” By Alex Bozarjian and Collin Federick of WXYT in Detroit.

Kasey Helton Tweet about Sheriff Murphy deciding to ignore red flag law

Kasey Helton Tweet about changing local politics

After passing three gun bills, Michigan Democrats say they’re not done.” By Janelle D. James of Bridge Michigan Magazine

Study: Michiganders Move To Florida, Ohio Most Often.” By Jake Bekemeyer from DBusiness

“‘The tentacles of the trauma and grief go everywhere.’” Story By Anna Gustafson from Michigan Advance

Opinion: Banning Books, Censoring Information, Won’t Keep Kids From The Truth.” By Keith Owens in The Detroit Free Press

Losing Ballot Issues on Abortion, G.O.P. Now Tries to Keep Them Off the Ballot.” By Kate Zernike and Michael Wines of The New York Times

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