Michigan Adoption Agency Changes Course, Allows Same-Sex Couples To Adopt

You see? When you fight, you can win. And Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is doing just that.

From The Detroit Free Press over the weekend:

A major faith-based foster care and adoption contractor for the state of Michigan said Monday it will place children in LGBT homes, reversing course following a recent legal settlement.

Grand Rapids-based Bethany Christian Services is responsible for about 8% of Michigan’s more than 13,000 foster care and adoption cases involving children from troubled households.

In that settlement, Nessel said faith-based agencies that receive government contracts could no longer discriminate against same-sex couples looking to adopt.

Nessel tweeted her approval:

A Bethany Christian Services spokesperson said they were “disappointed” with Nessel’s decision, but that they will nonetheless follow the new rules.

But don’t celebrate too much yet.

St. Vincent Catholic Charities in Lansing is suing the new settlement, arguing that it violates the federal Religious Freedom and Restoration Act. And judging how much U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s been busy at stacking federal judicial seats, and the Supreme Court, this victory might be short-lived.

That’s why, as I said on the podcast, we must continue to fight.

We can’t be satisfied with 2018. Sure, progressives made some gains, but nowhere near enough to reverse the disastrous trend Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, and the Michigan GOP have set.

The 2018 election was only the beginning…

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