Left of Lansing Podcast Episode Seven–Sean McBrearty from Clean Water Action

Episode Seven of the Left of Lansing podcast is posted!

This week, Sean McBrearty from Clean Water Action joins the podcast. We talk about the controversial Line 5 pipeline in the Straits of Mackinac. Former Republican Governor Rick Snyder and his Republicans rushed through a bill during Lame Duck last year allowing Canadian energy company Enbridge to build a tunnel for a portion of that 65 year old pipeline.

Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Democratic Attorney General have put a stop to the construction of this tunnel, for now. The fight is just beginning. And groups like Clean Water Action are on the front lines to protect our Great Lakes from suffering a catastrophic environmental disaster.

Please, visit Clean Water Action to help in the fight to keep our water clean from corporate greed!

Whitmer and Nessel both campaigned to shut down this old pipeline. This is perhaps the start to fulfilling that promise.

I take Republican state House Speaker Lee Chatfield’s sexist remarks directed at both Whitmer and Nessel over their Line 5 decision.

I bring up how corporate forces gobble-up media companies to hide how they’re pressing for laws which benefit them at our expense.

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Now than ever, it’s important that we support progressive media sources that shine a light on those the corporate media choose to either hide or ignore.


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