Left of Lansing Podcast–Episode 42: Democratic State Senator Stephanie Chang

We’re officially in Summer, and I’m serving up the 42nd episode of the weekly podcast!

My opening monologue deals with why I’m supporting the Michigan Multimedia Jobs proposal, which provides tax credits for companies wanting to make movies, shows, commercials, and other multimedia productions in the state. Michigan Democrats are busy helping people, including providing free meals for all public school students, but why in the world are Republicans against it?

Then, Democratic state Senator Stephanie Chang joins me to discuss how the Democratic majority in the state legislature is getting stuff done on environmental justice, education, LGBTQ+ rights, voting rights, hate crimes, and the state budget. Senator Chang also shares her thoughts on keeping Generation Z voters engaged.

The “Last Call” highlights a speech by Democratic State Representative Laurie Pohutsky, who introduced a resolution declaring June as Pride Month.

Show notes are available at the bottom of the page.


Show Notes:

Michigan Film Industry Association and the Michigan Multimedia Jobs Act

There was no Hollywood ending to Michigan’s film incentives. Now that lawmakers are trying to bring them back, it could mean a ‘huge boom’ for small businesses.” By WWJ Newsroom

Michigan Senate passes $79.6 billion budget plan, spending less than the House version.” By Jon King of Michigan Advance

Universal School Meals and Associations with Student Participation, Attendance, Academic Performance, Diet Quality, Food Security, and Body Mass Index: A Systematic Review.Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute

As Biden Signs Waiver Extension, Study Shows School Meals Lower Grocery Costs.” By Kevin Mahnken of the74million.org

Republicans Declare Banning Universal Free School Meals a 2024 Priority.” By Prem Thakker of The New Republic

Michigan State University Education Policy professor Dr. Joshua Cowen’s tweet on why the right wing is against free meals for public school students.

MSU’s Dr. Joshua Cowen’s tweet on what else school voucher supporters are pushing across the country.

State Senator Stephanie Chang’s bill directing fines paid by polluters goes towards those affected by the pollution.

Michigan’s environmental rules could be stricter than national ones under bill.” By Lauren Gibbons of Bridge Michigan

What’s in the Senate Dem bills aimed at facilitating Michigan’s clean energy transition?” By Kyle Davidson of Michigan Advance

Will the Michigan legislature meet their July 1 budget deadline?” By Alyssa Burr of MLive.com

Protesters stage Hamtramck rally after city banned Pride flags.” By Steve Nealing of The Detroit Metro Times

Democratic State Representative, and Speaker Pro Tem, Laurie Pohutsky’s Pride speech.

Photo courtesy of State Senator Stephanie Chang’s website

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