“I Need A Dollar-Dollar, A Dollar Is What I Need.”

Hundreds of thousands of Michiganders signed petitions to raise the state’s minimum wage to $12 an hour by 2022. The initiative was about to find its way on the 2018 ballot, and overwhelmingly pass.

But Michigan Republicans, backed by their rich donors, nullified our chance to vote on the issue. Constitutionally speaking, the state legislature has the right to remove ballot proposals if it passes a bill that somewhat resembles the spirit of the ballot proposal.

With the backing of former GOP governor Rick Snyder, Republicans drafted a bill that considerably slowed-down the minimum wage hike. Instead of a $12 minimum wage in 2022, Republicans pushed the target date to 2030! That won’t be much of a wage in 2022 let alone 11 years from now!

The minimum wage increases 20-cents today to a grand total $9.45/hour.

What bugs me the most is the blatant hypocrisy of the whole issue.

Conservatives have told me through the years that government should never get involved in setting a minimum wage. That practice should always be left to the marketplace.

Well, the marketplace spoke once minimum wage supporters won approval to get their $12 wage by 2022 proposal on the ballot. But that’s when conservatives easily broke from their time-honored traditions, and did indeed get involved in setting arbitrary minimum wage increases.

Snyder and Michigan Republicans also watered-down a paid sick leave proposal during last year as well.

You see, government is bad, unless it helps the donor class.

Then, government interference isn’t all that bad.

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